Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Brilliant Idea Or Wishful Thinking

I love Nebraska.

I love to travel.

I love to write.

Why can't I combine the three into something bigger and better? Sure, I write about Nebraska for the newspaper and a regional publication. But, I've been kicking around this idea that I know would be fantastic. Plus, it would involve all three of the things listed above.

The idea probably resembles a regional magazine that comes out every two months, but I think if you went to each town in the state, and went in alphabetical order, and wrote a couple of blog pieces - historical and current - about each town, you'd have a hit. If you could highlight a town a week, or even every two weeks, it would work. Plus, you'd have photo opportunities. And, it would give me stories for other publications.

Of course, there's the money issue. I'd have to make money on it. Travel isn't free. But I do think it could be an outstanding blog. I'm still pondering my options. I'd like to start next month, if possible.


Linda said...

I think it sounds like a fantastic idea. Small towns have so many stories to be told. The same sort of idea crossed my mind when I was traveling in North Dakota--to somehow gather the stories, past and present, before the small towns are gone forever.

Sure, the money part is tricky, but the idea is good.

Annie said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I agree - there are so many wonderful stories to tell, and I think it could be so worthwhile.

I'll figure out a way to deal with the money. I wondered about tourism & travel grants. Have you every applied for one?