Sunday, August 2, 2009

OMG, it's hereditary!!

So, the oldest daughter sends a text message that reads:

OMG I'm becoming u and grandpa. I just caught myself putting
a half-drank fountain drink in the fridge.
So what's the problem? :) I don't drink soda. But alot of times, I will buy two Route 44 iced teas from Sonic, and yes, I put the half-devoured drink in the fridge. I don't want the ice to melt quickly. I want cold tea.
I told her things could be worse.


Anonymous said...

I better stay anon on this but OMG was this funny!!!! It is about midnight and I am reading this and if I wouldn't wake your father up I would have laughed OUTLOUD!!!!! Some habits just never go away and are inherited I guess.

Annie said...

I was laughing like crazy when she texted that message. Scott just shook his head and said you put your empty glass in the fridge, too. Yeah, I want the glass to be cold when I fill it with tea. Duh. :)