Monday, May 11, 2009

Yeah, ok, I'll post something

I had to post an interview for WOW! and decided that while I'm on here, I just as well post something. Nothing amazing here. I completed three projects today, would like to finish two more, and I need to clean the bedroom since everything is still out of our closet so they could get to the hot water heater to install the new one.

Yeah, back to regular programming later this week!

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Shelly said...

I searched for your email addy to send this and couldn’t find it so forgive me if this is posting in the wrong place 8-*(
Boy have I found an essay contest and the grand prize is a home in Hawaii! You can get all the details at What is my interest in this? I entered the competition and want to see it get enough entries so that they can award the home. I believe I wrote a good essay and that I actually have a chance at winning, but what’s more, I believe that this competition is a win/win/win proposition.

It only goes til 8/11/09. It was on local morning news program and I also found a write up on Although this one is not officially attached to a charity, the sponsor is giving back to the community- a $30,000 donation to the local schools, which are suffering budget cuts. How cool is that? Anyone (21 years old or older) can write a short essay (101 words or less) and pick from two topics. For a $101 entry fee, entrants get a chance to win a brand new, custom home on the Big Island of Hawaii. The contest is open worldwide, but essays must be submitted in English, and must be original work. 101 finalists will be chosen and then judged by community leaders - teachers. For those shivering in record-breaking cold climate during the winter, it might be interesting to note that the chances of winning this prize are better than any state lottery!