Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Cows, Windy Conditions, and Planting

We got 16 new dairy cattle today. I'm not sure why we got them, except that I guess it was a good deal. It's kind of funny because if you know us and you're reading this blog entry, you know who is in charge of the dairy cattle and you know where this person ranks on the hard work scale. So......

I know that the week of the wedding, several dairy cattle went to auction. The day before the wedding, the auction was live on the Internet, and when "Bonnie", a huge mama of a milk cow came up for auction, Riley asked why Bonnie was there. Scott's dad said Bonnie was going to a bigger and better dairy; Riley replied with "you mean she's a bigger and better steak."


The wind is picking up. When I went to teach this morning, the temp was 58 and by noon it was up to 65, but a cold front went through this afternoon and the wind has increased dramatically. Rain and possible severe storms are in tonight's forecast. I can do without the rain, and I haven't heard the significant other say if we need it or not. I'm guessing NO because we need to get fields planted.

The new field is finished; now, six more to go. A second field is disked but not planted. Probably finish that field tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Otherwise, it will be a weekend spent in the field, which is tiring, but it brings peace and quiet to the house and I can write and concentrate on what I need to accomplish. But....

It also means that I am "errand girl" and spend time running for parts or running food and drink to the hubby. It usually allows for a nice break. Except for yesterday. There was a "fence stretcher" kind of lock on one of the gates. When I went in, I just instinctively knew how to get it undone, but when I drove inside the field and had to lock the gate, my mind went blank and I just didn't get it. So... I half-way hooked it and made Scott go down there with me and show me the proper method of locking the gate. I'm sure he was thinking "dumb blonde and non-mechanical wife." Now, it makes sense, but just for a moment, I had a brief lapse of..... fence-locking skills!!

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