Monday, April 28, 2008

Planting Begins

Planting season started today.

We have a new field this year. An excavating crew came in, removed a windmill, evened out the sandhills, and created a new field. After lunch, Scott headed there. I think we're planting popcorn in that field, but if not, soybeans will be the crop of choice this year since they are selling at a very high price.

I'm estimating that it will take three weeks to get all the fields planted. Of course, that will depend a lot on the weather. This week looks cooperative until Friday, when it might turn stormy again. Our south fields will need to dry out. An late spring sleet and snow storm on Friday melted into an abundance of H20 in the ditches and fields. (my mind is thinking mosquito infestation if the ditch water doesn't dry up.)

The three-week estimate will also depend on the amount of breakdowns we have. Hopefully, the tractor part run we made last week will mean that there won't be any down time during planting. Is that asking for too much?

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