Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tsheets might help me out!

When the phone rings and I am beckoned to the field to run errands for the hubby (or other family member who live in our two-mile domain), I must stop what in the middle of writing an article or story. Just. Like. That.

It's an abrupt stop and, unfortunately, it sometimes takes the creative mind a few more minutes to get back in gear. But if I signed up for Tsheets. I'd be able to show just how much time I do spend writing and the amount I spend away from writing.

Of course, there's probably a downside to that too.... What about the days when I write only small amounts, but the ideas are building and I'm busy organizing and plotting those story ideas away from the computer. Then it would look like I am the lady of leisure here at dairy central and I'd surely be summoned to help outside. Yikes!

But there would definitely be times when the time management thing would be a good kick in the shorts.......so let's look at how my day begins.

Once in the office (which is just a few stumbles from my bed to my desk), I fire up the four-year-old Dell laptop, that had better not decide its had a long life, and check my emails to see what pressing press releases need to be dealt with. I try to multi-task while they download - some mornings there are over 150 press releases - and plan what projects deserve my attention for the day. Since it takes approximately 2:23 for the laptop to load before I can access email, I make use of my planner and check appointments during this time.

And then, I have a huge sip of tea and start typing. Usually I start by checking the statcounter for my blog. And after that, the day is filled with writing. And sometimes, a few errands.

Check it out at http://www.fuelmyblog.com/index.jsp?t=tsheets

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Anonymous said...

Well, I have finally gotten back on the computer after sleeping away most of the last 4 days. I did check out the Tsheets site...interesting. Like your writing better. Mom