Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Fling in Lincoln

From all indications, Saturday (April 19) in Lincoln mirrored a sunny fall day in Husker Nation.

Rock The Dock was jamming at The Embassy. Lil Red and Herbie Husker joked with the crowd at Misty's. An 80,000+ sea of red filled Memorial Stadium. There were cheerleaders, the Scarlets, and the Husker band. The ORIGINAL tunnel walk music pumped up the crowd.

The only thing missing was the fly over. Oh, and Bill Callahan. (Thank God....I mean T.O.)

The opening play - which was supposed to be a throwback to the days of option football - fell flat as the fumble rolled across the turf. Sure, there were broken plays, dropped passes and missed tackles. That's part of the game.

But something was different in Lincoln on one of the warmest days this spring. A new beginning. A rebirth of a withered (and weathered) team.

There's a new deputy in town - (he can't be the sheriff, because that role has been delegated to T.O.) - and the fans seem to be having a love affair with Bo Pelini. One highlight on the big screen was when a pick of Pelini sporting a Husker cap flashed up with the words "The Tradition Lives in 2008." The crowd went crazy!

The state of football appears to be looking up in Lincoln and across the Cornhusker State; however, fans still need to realize that the deputy is not a miracle worker and he has his work cut out for him. Trying to undo four years of hands-off football and reinstating order are keys to success. The Huskers face a tough autumn schedule, and true fans realize that year one will be a rebuilding year.

Remember T.O.'s first year?

Year two will be better.

Sure, there will be surprises and disappointments this fall. But hopefully, Husker Nation will begin its resurgence to prominence.

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