Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Netflix Movies

A lot of afternoons, I'll drag my laptop into the living room and pop in one of the Netflix DVDs. Yes, I can multitask and write or edit while I'm watching a movie. In August, I viewed ten films, and with the exception of one, they were all great. Maybe I was paying more attention to the movie with the film I'm putting in the #10 spot, but I didn't get it. And that's strange for me, because I'm usually great at figuring out plot twists.

So here's my August Netflix cue top 10:

1. The Last King in Scotland. WOW! Forest Whitaker definitely deserved the Oscar for this one. But James McAvoy is equally effective. Idi Amin was a mean tyrant, but I guess I didn't pay attention to world events so much then. Heck, I was only in high school. I know; no excuse! Brutal movie, but captivating, at the same time. Must see!

2. Facing the Giants. OK, so some people might not think a religious football movie would be good. But I was impressed. Maybe it's because I taught in a parochial school and I understand the power of prayer and positive thinking. It works! Maybe I like an underdog story. And maybe, it's just a well-written movie. Definitely see!

3. Fracture. Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling face off in a courtroom thriller. Hopkins attempts to murder his adulterous wife and her lover is the police officer who responds to the call. Multiple twists. And yes, I had this one figured out, but it's still a good movie. Hopkins never lets down the audience. See it! Now!

4. Hairspray. I've seen the Broadway play and I've seen the original movie. But watching John Travolta shake it in drag is worth it. A great ensemble cast, high energy, and an all-around enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. Gotta watch it.

5. The Nanny Diaries. I read the book. It's a chic flick. But there's something about the staging in the beginning of the film and again at the end that captured my attention. Cute. And I watched this one at midnight after editing stories. A fun way to unwind.

6. Bordertown. Hundreds of women have been killed in Juarez, Mexico. True. In the flick, Jennifer Lopez portrays a reporter who travels south of the border to investigate the gruesome deaths. I like how facts are intertwined into the fictional account. Should see.

7. The Invasion. After a space shuttle crash, people in the U.S. begin to act strange. Why? We're all turning into aliens. Nicole Kidman has a son who seems to be immune to the alien antibody attack. Will he save the world? Now, this isn't really my kind of movie, but it wasn't bad. If you have time, watch it.

8. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. It's funny; crude funny at times. A spoof of Johnny Cash and all the other country rags-to-riches movies. For a good laugh, sure, see it.

9. Rendition. An American citizen who was born in Egypt disappears from an overseas flight. His wife tries to find his whereabouts and enlists the U.S. government's help, only to find lies and deceit. Will the young CIA agent save the day? Reese Witherspoon does not have enough to do in this film. Maybe, maybe not. It's not bad, it just doesn't have the WOW factor.

10. Revolver. A con man is released from prison...and then Big Pussy from The Sopranos shows up. I didn't get it. I even rewound it and I STILL didn't get parts of it. I must have missed something important in the beginning. Or this is a can miss movie.

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