Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Whole Resolution Thing....

So, last month I mentioned that the Today show had an expert guest who said instead of setting big resolutions that aren't achievable, it's better to set small goals, weekly or monthly, and work to meet them.

Last month, I made five resolutions. How'd I do?
  • Blog on this blog once a week. Well, not so good. I think I only made one post in January.
  • Lost five pounds. Lost two.
  • Walk two miles every day. Most days, I did this.
  • Keep on with small tasks while I'm substitute teaching and coaching speech. If you look at the house, I probably did not succeed.
  • Catch up on writing projects. Made a good dent.

So, my February resolutions are simple:

  • Blog on this blog once a week. I WILL do it. I just need to make the time. Trust me, I have a lot to say.
  • Lose five pounds. I know what I need to do to achieve this goal.
  • Walk two miles every day. Again, I need to make it happen, even after long days at school.
  • Clean the house. I'm sure this will happen once I'm finished subbing (which is in two weeks).
  • Catch up on writing projects. That's my next priority today.

Do I have other goals? Yes, I will continue to post to my other blog, The 5th Line Project. It doesn't have a huge following, but I've had multiple hits, so I think that is a good start. I do wish people would reply and add a comment about the book or add their own 5th line.

I also want to list some items on eBay and clean out the closet or get ready for a garage sale that my mom and I will have when her town has city-wide garage sales in June or July.

Better get busy!

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