Monday, September 15, 2008

Farm notes

The new tank is in and working nicely, I might add. If the winter months are as nasty as I hear they are predicted to be, it is possible the milk man might not be able to get here every day. Now, we can make it two days before we'd be in trouble.

Of course, Scott wanted to keep the other tank too, so we could do some experimenting with organics and raw milk. But....that isn't going to happen now.

Stopped and looked at a bean head for the combine yesterday. We were laughing that we have all Case-IH tractors and a JD combine (that's a piece of junk...). If we get the one we looked at, we'll have to adapt a Case head on the JD combine. Should be interesting.

Cut (or chopped....I always get in trouble when I try to associate a verb with a crop because it seems I never get it right, even though they all mean the same think: it's out of the field!!) silage and it should be ready to feed starting tomorrow or Wednesday. Have to finish feeding the bad silage we had to buy because the head feed man (=Scott) says if he mixes it, he's afraid we'll have a herd of sick milking mamas. Don't want that!

And the cherry tomatoes are overtaking the garden. I'm going to pull two plants today or tomorrow and make more salsa. You can never have too much salsa!! Plus, it's so good!

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