Monday, July 28, 2008

A whole lotta B.S.

Look who I spent my birthday with!! That's right. It was pure B.S. at the Adams County Fair with Blake Shelton!!
When he entered the stage, he came through a door in the floor and rose into the mist. WOW! And the crowd went nuts. At least I think they did. We were in VIP seating in the Clubhouse. In the air conditioning. With a waitress catering to our beverage needs. And a bathroom close by.
No, they were cheering loudly by the stage and so were the people in the clubhouse.
If I had to pick a favorite song by Blake, I'm not sure if I could narrow it to just one. I truly enjoy listening to him sing Home. But there's also Playboys of the Southwestern World, Don't Make Me, Austin, and Some Beach. Of course, The More I Drink, the more I enjoy listening. (ha! pun intended).
He's a fun entertainer and I appreciate his sense of humor on stage.

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