Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weird holidays 4 June 7th

I'm not sure that I would consider the running of the Belmont Stakes as a holiday. I mean, heck, the banks were still open, and the U.S. Postal Service delivered the mail. Although, today's race might become a historic event. Why? Because Big Brown may win it all - the triple crown of racing. This demanding race is named after August Belmont, a prominent banker and horse racing guru from the 19th century.

Kentucky-ans (hmmm....would you change the 'y' to an 'i' and add -ans ?) honor Daniel Boone today since he first saw the forests and valleys of present-day Kentucky on this day in 1769. The Kentucky Historical Society celebrates June 7 as Boone Day.

Craving a special treat? Go ahead! Splurge for Banana Split Day. Now, some historians celebrate this luscious holiday in August, but folklore and legends believe that 1906 University of Pittsburgh grad David Strickler invented the ice cream treat while working as an intern at Tassell Pharmacy in nearby Latrobe. Word of the gooey treat spread, and soon, ice cream fountains across the nation were serving the banana-ice cream - strawberry-chocolate-pineapple-nuts-whipped cream concoction. It's warm enough today here in the Nebraska sandhills - maybe a yummy dish of this later!!

Cheer Coach Day honors those who teach and sponsor cheer squads. I have a feeling they earn their pay!

The first Saturday of June is designated as National Trails Day. Sponsored by the American Hiking Society, their hope is to increase awareness of and activity on the nation's trail systems. Want to know if an event is scheduled in your area? Find out here. The Cowboy Trail is located near where I live, stretching from Norfolk to Valentine on an abandoned stretch of Chicago and Northwestern railroad.

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