Friday, June 6, 2008

searching for veggies

Well, Tuesday was a sad day. We went asparagus hunting and most of it had gone to seed already. We did find enough to have asparagus with cheese sauce for dinner though. :)

Last year, we went looking for asparagus almost every day for two weeks and always came home with enough for a meal.

This year, because of the wet weather, the season started about a week later and there wasn't as much as usual. I'm sure it also depends on where you look. I have a plan for next year. I guess there's quite a bit across the highway, so I'm going to go every afternoon and gather enough for meals and freezing.

I can remember going a few times when I was growing up. We'd go with Meem, Shelley and Marsha. And then one year, we just didn't go. I'd forgot about it until last year.

I've been told that Holt County is the best place to hunt for the ditch veggie. Sure seems there's a lot! One Sunday when we were out hunting for it, we saw a car from Illinois. Uh, get out of here and let the locals have their veggies!! :)

I made a good casserole with asparagus and onions, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and croutons. Very good, but the favorite in this house seems to be with melted cheese.

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