Sunday, January 4, 2009


Every year, I make a mental note of resolutions and goals for the new year. Sometimes, I even manage to meet one or maybe two of them.

But after watching a segment on The Today Show last week, I decided to change my thinking. Instead of making a laundry list of resolutions, I'm making small resolutions for each month. This should give me a better chance of meeting my goals. I hope it works!

I also think if you set monthly goals instead of huge, year-long goals, you are able to take into consideration what is happening in your life and plan accordingly. For instance, I'm subbing this month for a teacher on maternity leave. It's also the kickoff of speech season. Will I be keeping and/or sending 13 queries for writing? Probably not. I'll keep busy with writing for the newspaper and as the end of speech season looms in February, I will get back to my rule of 13.

So, here are my January goals ( and yes, it's already day 4 of the new year):
  • Lose 5 pounds this month.
  • Walk at least 2 miles every day. (Thank goodness for Leslie Sansone!)
  • Stay on top of tasks while subbing daily and practicing for speech.
  • Catch up on writing projects I've started.

Hopefully, my Blackberry will help keep me organized during school! And as for my first goal, I've already met it, although the results are due to my recent bout with the flu...or food poisoning...or whatever the doctors think was ailing me. But I'll still work to lose five more!

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