Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vanishing History

Where are we headed if we don't grasp our history?

I've been researching local history for an article I'm working on. The other night, we ventured to town and met up with a local - someone who I'd been told knows everything about the subject I'm investigating. Our chat was brief, but he told me more in 10 minutes than I'd learned in my other research, and he agreed to talk to me again - told me to block about three hours of time.

After he left, I began thinking about history and how every person has a story to tell. Unfortunately, we aren't recording most of these stories and the vivid memories of the past are vanishing.

My family has been pretty aggressive about preserving memories. We gave my grandparents a book filled with questions about their lives, and after they'd filled them in, we videotaped them and had them discuss stories that stood out in their minds. What a great treasure!

If our history evaporates before us, how will other generations know the true story?

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